Festival “Xalqlar do’stligi” (“Friendship of Peoples”)

Festival “Xalqlar do’stligi” (“Friendship of Peoples”)

Khokimiyat of Kagan city, Department of Tourism Development, national cultural centers in the region, responsible businesses and organizations

Contact details:

khokimiyat of  Kagan city

tel: +(998) 93 960-64-68
+(998) 93 383-04-74

Conducting the festival of national clothes of various countries in the ancient palace “Abdulahadkhon” Kagan city. Traditional folk music and national culture of the Kazakh, Kyrgyz, German, Tajik, Turkmen, Karakalpak, Tatar, Korean, Turkish, Azerbaijani and Jewish nations, festival “Palov Sayli”, an exhibition of artisans in various areas of applied art, fashion show “Fraternal peoples”, concert program of pop stars. Awarding ceremony of participants with memorable prizes and honorary diplomas following the results of the festival.