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“2019 K-POP World Festival in Uzbekistan” International festival

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1. Name of event “2019 K-POP World Festival in Uzbekistan” International festival





Brief information about the event:

This festival has been held annually since 2012 at the Korean Embassy and the Korean Cultural Fan Club. This event is intended for Uzbek youth interested in Korean culture.  The event will host a regional qualifying round. The main objective of the event is the development of strong cultural and interdependent relations among young people between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as support friendly relations between the two countries. After selecting the winner by the professional commission of the Republic of Korea, the winner will be honored to participate in the world festival “K-POP Changwon World Festival” held in October of this year. The exciting and fun festival will feature a variety of Korean cultural events

3. The name of the city, district or village where the event is to be held Tashkent City
4. Days of the event June 15, 2019
5. Name of Event location Palace Of Arts “Turkiston”
6. The exact time of the event at 18:30 PM
7. Name of event organizer Tashkent city Administration, The Embassy of Korea in Uzbekistan, Fan club of Korean culture, The Department of Tourism Development of the city of Tashkent
8. Telephone number and e-mail address of the responsible person Yusupova Barno , 90 934 86 66


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