Festival “Nasriddin Afandi”, “Sharq taomlari” (“Easteren dishes”)

Festival “Nasriddin Afandi”, “Sharq taomlari” (“Easteren dishes”)

Bukhara regional branch of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Department of the “Hunarmand” Association, The Union of Buxoro craftsmen regional department, khokimyat of Bukhara city, Tourism Development Department, related enterprises and organizations.

Contact details:

Department of Tourism of Bukhara region

tel: +(998) 93 960-64-68

Events held as part of the festival:

  1. Shopping malls “Toki Sarrofon”, “Toki Zargaron”, “Toki telpakfurushon”, creating a space with the participation of folklore characters of humorous miniatures of the East Nasriddin Afandi, Mullo Mushfikiy, Aldarkusa on the “Labi House” square, as well as in the populated areas of the old city;
  2. A show-program of tightrope walkers will be held on Ark Square, theater productions will be organized around (monologues and dialogues between characters in love, in the style of folk performances);
  3. A humorous concert program with the participation of teachers and students of colleges of culture and art on the avenue of fountains named after “Abu Ali ibn Sino”;
  4. On the territory of “Labi Hovuz” square, a fair of folk crafts and crafts, as well as a fair of sweets;
  5. During the Nasriddin Afandi festival, participants and guests of the event will be presented on stage with a broad overview of the works of writers Abdullah Kodiriy, Abdullah Kakhhor, Gafur Gulyam, Said Akhmad, Nemat Aminov, Erkin Vohidov, Anvar Obidjon performed in the repertoires of regional drama and puppet theaters;
  6. On the territory of the festival “Nasriddin Afandi” and “Labi Hovuz” square, images of Afandi will be installed, billboards will be installed;
  7. The sale of caps, t-shirts, mugs, special souvenirs and attributes with the image and inscriptions “Nasriddin Afandi” will be organized;
  8. An exhibition-fair of applied and fine art of the exhibition fair will be organized, as well as a competition of humorous drawings among pupils and students of schools of fine and applied art, colleges of culture and art and Bukhara State University;
  9. At enterprises, organizations, and also in institutions, including secondary schools and academic lyceums, professional colleges and higher educational institutions, evenings of humor and laughter, as well as humorous clubs, will be organized;
  10. Concert programs will be organized and well-known poets and satirical writers in the Republic, as well as comedians who will perform humorous stories and present their collections of stories, will be invited;
  11. A competition will be announced for a better description of the image of Nasriddin Afandi.