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Traditional art exhibition “Temari”

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1. Event Name Traditional art exhibition “Temari”



 Brief information about the event For many, the art of Japan is mysterious. Balls, consisting of traditional Japanese patterns, attract attention with their patterns and colorful, many people are interested in how it was created and always strive to create with their own hands. Organized exhibitions of art of various, charming patterns, master classes for those who are interested in this art. The gates of this exhibition are open for everyone to enjoy the wonderful patterns that passed the test of time. Increased faith in the ancient art of Japan and all exhibitors. Understanding the combination of harmony and symmetry in the search for the creation of traditional Japanese patterns, it is difficult to go against the desire to create a small work of art with their own hands. It is the master classes that will help reveal to each participant the secrets of ancient handicraft.
3. Location of event Tashkent City
4. Days of holding of the event June 8, 2019
5. Location International Palace of Culture named by Ikuo Hirayama
6. Time from 10:00 to 16:00
7. Responsible organizers Hakimiyat of Tashkent city, department of tourism development of Tashkent city, travel company Golden Silk Road.
8. Responsible employee Yusupova Barno, 90 934 86 66


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