Why Uzbekistan?

Why Uzbekistan?


Uzbekistan provides a variety of traditional and modern venues for hosting events including expo and business centers in Tashkent. There are some international brands in the country such as Hyatt Regency, Radisson Blu, Wyndham, Hilton, Lotte, Ramada, Miran International and many others which are perfect for conventions, seminars, workshops and a variety of other events.


Uzbekistan is connected with the rest of theworld through more than 40 destinations.There are 11 international airports.Uzbekistan also has a wide network ofrailway connections with all major touristiccities of the country, including the high-speedtrain lines “Afrosiyob”, which have a speed ofup to 250 km/h.

Liberalization of the visa regime

According to the Decree of the President ofUzbekistan from 1 February, 2019, the nonvisaregime has introduced to the citizens of45 additional countries and reached the markof 65 countries.Moreover, from 15th of July, 2018, the systemof electronic visa registration and issuanceis now fully functional. The policy of nonvisa entrance, temporary stay and departurefrom Uzbekistan through the border crossingcheckpoints was introduced to the citizens of53 states, flying through Uzbekistan territory.


 High level of safety

According to data published by the Gallup American Institute, among the countries of the former Soviet Union, the republic ranked first in terms of satisfaction with the existing security in the country. Compared with 2013, when 88% of residents felt safe here, their number increased by 7%. As part of the study, Gallup representatives interviewed residents of more than 150 countries regarding the level of crime in their areas of residence and the reliability of local law enforcement officers. The data obtained formed the basis of the World Index of Law and Order prepared by the organization. Undoubtedly, in comparison with many other countries, Uzbekistan is a one of the safest places to travel: street theft is nonexistent, and armed conflicts do not exist.

Cultural heritage

Uzbekistan is a country with a great history and rich cultural heritage.

The oldest cities within the territory of modern Uzbekistan are Samarkand (742 BC), Bukhara (IV century BC), Khiva (VI century BC), Shakhrisabz (VII century BC), Tashkent, Margilan (II century BC), Karshi and Termez (V century BC).

One of the three main caravan routes of the Great Silk Road passed through central Uzbekistan and the Fergana Valley. By caravan routes transported precious stones, gold jewelry, carpets, porcelain, weapons, and also herds of horses, highly valued in China.

There are about 7.4 thousand sites of ancient architecture and archeological significance: among which more than 200 are included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Most of the ancient architectural and archeological sites are located in the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Termez, Kokand and Tashkent.
Also among the many cultural sites are 121 museums and 37 theaters. More than 1.9 million artifacts are stored in museums of the republic.